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1200 S DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605 | (312) 692-3275
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Chef Matt, Executive Chef

Chef Matt is a seasoned culinary professional with a diverse background in hospitality. With extensive experience from renowned establishments like Aramark at Soldier Field and Alliance Hospitality's Delta Hotel by Marriott, Matt has honed his skills in creative menu development, kitchen management, and event execution.

Throughout his career, Matt has led innovative initiatives, from opening new venues to crafting restaurant menus and training staff. His expertise includes extensive menu development, vendor management, and budgeting, ensuring both exclusive culinary craft and incredible staff efficiency.

An award-winning executive chef, Matt consistently raises guest satisfaction scores and enhances dining experiences. His commitment to culinary excellence and innovation enriches the Sodexo Live! team at the Shedd Aquarium.


Chef Anna, Banquet Sous Chef

Chef Anna is a seasoned culinary professional with diverse experience in the food industry, spanning healthcare, resorts, banquets, and breweries. Highly motivated and adept at multitasking, Anna excels in prioritizing workloads under pressure while maintaining a commitment to quality and variety.

In her previous roles, Anna has demonstrated strong leadership skills and excellent interpersonal communication. As Head Chef at Phase Three Brewing Company, she created menus, developed recipes, managed inventory, and ensured the quality of dishes. Additionally, as Sous Chef at Cherry Circle Room in Chicago, Anna oversaw day-to-day kitchen operations, managed staff, and conducted research and development for future menu items.

Anna's experience also includes serving as Sous Chef at the Denver Art Museum, where she organized and planned events, managed teams, and curated beautiful displays and platings for banquets. Her ability to handle large-scale events and meticulous attention to detail make her a valuable asset to the Sodexo Live! team at the Shedd Aquarium.


Chef Chelsea, Sous Chef

Chef Chelsea is a highly skilled culinary professional with expertise in various cuisines, menu development, event planning, and inventory control. Known for her visionary approach and ability to lead teams effectively, she has excelled in roles such as Kitchen Manager and Director of Culinary Operations at Beautiful Rind in Chicago, where she innovated menus and ensured food safety standards.

With experience spanning roles like Expediter/Lead at Ardor and Sous Chef at Mount Hawley Country Club, Chelsea has demonstrated her talent in directing high-volume food preparation and managing kitchen operations. Additionally, her tenure as a Caterer/Culinary Teaching Assistant at The Cookery showcases her versatility in menu development and event management.

Chelsea's diverse background and expertise in restaurant management, hospitality, and cooking make her a valuable addition to the Sodexo Live! team at the Shedd Aquarium.